TDI 10 year anniversary

A new decade, a new era

Congratulations to all the members that sticked with us throughout all these years! Today The Dutch Incognitos are celebrating their 10 year anniversary! On January 9th, 2012, all-time community leader Jamoonah and his good friend lee founded the Incognitos clan. Little did they know that 10 years later “TDI for life” became a guideline for 114 players. All of these players that joined TDI throughout the years are still with us. We can’t express our gratitude enough for this fact alone, so we raise a glass for those who sticked with us all these years and we say thank you.

Activity within the community has definitively decreased a lot, but with the start of a new TDI decade we also like to embrace a new era of opportunity. A new era has also begun in our all-time favourite game series, Battlefield. Here at TDI, we like to re-invent our community and relive the golden days. That’s where Battlefield 2042 comes into play, the newest title in the series. BF2042’s Portal will be playing a huge role in our future activity. We already create some play grounds for members to work with. Head over to the Portal page on this website to check out our current servers.


TDI Make-over

If you are a member of our community, then you probably already noticed lots has changed over here. We worked hard on downgrading, refreshing and restyling our website and brand. We will drop a news post soon that will give you a complete summary about changes, new stuff and future plans so keep an eye out. One thing we can already show you is our amazing new logo! Such a big transformation couldn’t go without a new general look!

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